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We encourage submissions of posts from 500 to 1000 words long that are communicated in an accessible way. Our current themes cover EU Integrations, Democratic consolidation, Socio-economic transformation and Inter-ethnic relations in the Western Balkans. We encourage you to include a title, one or two tables, or photos but please make sure that these are copyright free.
To help authors with the submission process, we’ve compiled a style guide that you might like to consult before drafting an article.

Length and format

  •      Proposed lenght of the article must be between 500 and 1000 words.
  •      Please send us your draft article in Word format, with your name at the top.


  •      Use narrative titles up to 20 words if possible.

Writing style and Language

  •      Your article should be written with a relatively wide audience in mind. Therefore we recommend that you avoid overusing acronyms and academic terms.
  •      Use short paragraphs made up of four or five sentences.
  •      Minimise use of bold, underlining, and italics for emphasis.
  •      Please try to provide English language proof read contributions.


  •      We use links rather than citations for references. Links should direct readers to more detailed reports or other pieces of research, news items or other blog posts.
  •      Please insert a hyperlink at the relevant point of your argument that you’d like to reference.

Biography and contributor photo

  •      Please send us up to three sentences narrative biographical note, with your academic position, research interests, and details of your two most recent publications.
  •      Please also send us a small colour photo headshot in a JPG. format.

Where to submit

  •      To submit potential articles please send a short description of the argument and biography to