Serbian-Albanian relations

Mirëdita Dobar Dan Festival in Belgrade: We Stuck our Foot in the Open Door

In early June 2016, the Mirëdita Dobar Dan Festival is taking place again, for the 3rd time in Belgrade. The Civic Initiative (Gradjanska Inicijativa) and the Policy Center, two civil society organizations from Serbia, in cooperation with Integra, a civil society organization from Kosovo, founded the festival in 2014.

My recent research on Serb-Albanian relations is focused on alternative forms of encounters between people from Kosovo and Serbia. For that purpose, I...

Opportunity On-Hold: Edi Rama’s Visit to Belgrade in the Light of “the Drone Incident”


Ghosts of the Past

It is easy to agree with the general impression that Albanian Prime minister Edi Rama's visit to Belgrade turned out to be a missed opportunity rather than a new beginning.

The often emphasized fact that this was the first highest Albanian official to visit Serbia in decades, shows the extent of negligence of Serbian-Albanian relations, complicated by the constant tensions and unresolved traumas inherited from the 1990s....

Greater Serbia and Greater Albania do not exist: The myth of bad Serb-Albanian relations

The incidents during the recent football match between Serbia and Albania and the fall-out with attacks against bakeries owned by real (and presumed) Kosovo Albanians in Serbia and the postponement of the visit of Albanian Prime Minister to Belgrade have created a misleading hype about Serb-Albanian relations.

Numerous media reports and a recent study by IFIMES, based in Ljubljana, which received considerable media attention often note how many decades no Albanian head of state has visited Belgrade (of course Edi Rama is...