Aleksandar Pavlović

Aleksandar Pavlović

Aleksandar Pavlović is a visiting fellow at the Centre for Southeast European Studies in Graz and a coordinator on the project "Figuring out the Enemy: Re-imagining Serbian-Albanian Relations" at the Institute of Philosophy and Social Theory of the University of Belgrade. His main areas of interest are Balkan oral tradition, Serbian-Albanian relations, gender and traditional Balkan society, literature and culture.

To UNESCO or not to UNESCO: Serbian Cultural Heritage in Kosovo between Sovereignty and Protection

No event after Kosovo’s unilateral proclamation of independence in 2008 has attracted so much public attention in Serbia as its failed attempt to become the member of the UNESCO. Despite victorious headlines in several Serbian media outlets, one could easily describe the result as the Pyrrhic victory for Serbia. On October 21 the UNESCO Board agreed to vote on Kosovo, which is still not in the UN but recognized by 108 of its members, for the UNESCO...

Opportunity On-Hold: Edi Rama’s Visit to Belgrade in the Light of “the Drone Incident”


Ghosts of the Past

It is easy to agree with the general impression that Albanian Prime minister Edi Rama's visit to Belgrade turned out to be a missed opportunity rather than a new beginning.

The often emphasized fact that this was the first highest Albanian official to visit Serbia in decades, shows the extent of negligence of Serbian-Albanian relations, complicated by the constant tensions and unresolved traumas inherited from the 1990s....