Florent Marciacq

Florent Marciacq

Dr. Florent Marciacq is a Research Associate at the University of Luxembourg and Chamber of Deputies of Luxembourg. His research interests include European politics in the Western Balkans with an emphasis on foreign policy analysis. His most recent publications are “La politique étrangère de la Serbie: ruptures et continuités”. Annuaire français des relations internationales, vol. XV, 221-236, and “When the EU speaks on behalf of non-EU states… A critical appraisal of the EU’s alignment mechanism in multilateral fora”. European Security, vol.

What does it mean that Serbia refuses to align itself with European sanctions against Russia?

The Russian annexation of Crimea and Sevastopol in March 2014 has caused a stir down to the Balkans. By refusing to align itself with European sanctions against Moscow, Serbia keeps infuriating Brussels. Increasing pressure on the government won’t help, on the contrary.

Serbia’s support for Russia is no surprise

During its two-year honeymoon with Serbia, the EU was starry-eyed about Belgrade’s leaders. The concessions they made to Kosovo, which led to the “historic agreement” of April 2013, put them on a pedestal. The fact that the government...