Kosovo’s SAA: sign of change in relations with EU non-recognizers?

Disagreements over Kosovo used to be among the most flagrant examples of how difficult it is to operate a common EU foreign policy.  Consequently, does Kosovo signing the Stabilisation and Association Agreement (SAA) with the EU on 27 October in Strasbourg signal some shift in the respective positions of the five EU members that do not recognize this country's independence? Or does it merely illustrate the fact that Brussels has found a way to go around them?

This blog post looks at the case of Slovakia which, along with Greece, has been the most flexible of...

Kosovo - The Need for an Effective Competition Policy

The implementation of the Stabilisation and Association Agreement (SAA) between Kosovo and the European Union is expected to start in 2016. SAA Article 75 is about Competition and other Economic Provisions. Considering article 75, within a few years, Kosovo is expected to implement effectively competition policy, in line with the EU Acquis and experience.

The effectiveness of competition policy is first of all defined by the actual outcomes of investigation...

The end of conditionality in Bosnia-Herzegovina?

At their monthly meeting in Brussels on March 16, the European Union’s foreign ministers are expected to decide that a pre-accession agreement with Bosnia-Herzegovina should take effect. With the stroke of a pen, the foreign ministers will discard the notion that EU conditionality might be used to propel constitutional reform in Bosnia, reversing a policy that has been in force for many years.