Regional Initiatives in the Balkans and the Economic Development

Since the termination of hostilities in the Balkans, as illustrated by the 1999 Stability Pact, CEFTA 2006 and the SEE 2020 Strategy, there were initiatives to foster new relations between former belligerents, for the sake of peace, reconstruction and recovery.

In this short note, we report key-features and economic outcomes of these initiatives, underlining their importance for the development of the countries in the region and their journey toward the EU.

We also report concerns about the actual economic and social prospects in the region, which could...

The Challenges of Transition in Kosovo

Fifteen years after separating from Serbia and despite considerable foreign aid, Kosovo is still confronted with serious economic, social and institutional challenges; they include inter alia trade deficits, fiscal problems, the quality of governance, unemployment and poverty. Findings underline the complexity of the liberal and democratic transition, for which much time is required to overcome the legacies of the past and build a new, more unified and richer country.

       Kosovo in perspective

Kosovo is a very small country – it has a...