Zef Dedaj

Zef Dedaj

Zef Dedaj is a graduate (MA in economics) from Pristina University. Since 2010, Zef Dedaj is senior trade policy officer in the Trade Department of the Ministry of Trade and Industry (TD/MTI) of Kosovo, where he is responsible for the analysis and the conduct of trade negotiations on non-tariff barriers (NTBs) within CEFTA. He is coauthor of “NTBs in the CEFTA Context: The Case of Serbia against Kosovo”, Policy Paper No.1, 2015, MTI, prepared jointly with the EU Trade Policy Project, funded by the EU and managed by the EU Office in Kosovo.

CEFTA and the SEE 2020 Strategy: The Importance of Trade Facilitation

Regional trade within CEFTA is still strongly impeded by time-consuming and costly procedures and formalities, especially when crossing the borders that separate member countries. Trade facilitation may help address and reduce these obstacles – specifically, trade facilitation relates to the simplification and standardization of all formalities and procedures at the borders, which is expected to decrease border-crossing costs and, as a result, it should expand further regional trade.

In that context, the South Eastern Europe 2020 Strategy (SEE 2020) provides a...

Kosovo’s Key-Assets to Address the Challenges of Transition

Kosovo is one of the poorest countries in South Eastern Europe and, like other countries in the region, its liberal and democratic transition is de facto confronted with major challenges. However, despite transition problems, Kosovo does possess three key-assets that could be better mobilized to make the country more prosperous, namely its youth, the large Diaspora and abundant minerals.


Successful experiences of economic growth underline the importance of...