Blerim Ahmeti

Blerim Ahmeti

Blerim Ahmeti completed his B.A. studies (economics, political science and administration) at the University of Pristina and studied European economics (M.A. program) in Bremen. For more than three years (2012-2015), he led the Trade Department of the Ministry of Trade and Industry (TD/MTI) of the Republic of Kosovo and was responsible for conducting trade negotiations with Turkey (Free Trade Agreement), CEFTA members (focus on inter alia professional services and non-tariff barriers) and the EU (trade aspects of the SAA).

Regional Initiatives in the Balkans and the Economic Development

Since the termination of hostilities in the Balkans, as illustrated by the 1999 Stability Pact, CEFTA 2006 and the SEE 2020 Strategy, there were initiatives to foster new relations between former belligerents, for the sake of peace, reconstruction and recovery.

In this short note, we report key-features and economic outcomes of these initiatives, underlining their importance for the development of the countries in the region and their journey toward the EU.

We also report concerns about the actual economic and social prospects in the region, which could...

Kosovo – A Country in the Making. The Case of Trade Policy

Kosovo is not just a country in transition, it is also a new country, which means that state bodies had to be created, most often from scratch, new laws had to be adopted and enforced, and new policies had to be engineered and implemented – all in a newly established democratic environment, with competing political parties and evolving views about the future of the country. Such drastic changes require time and resources; there might also be “trials and errors” and subsequent adjustments. In that context, trade policy is of prime importance, because it helps Kosovo establish new relations...