Stefan Graziadei

Stefan Graziadei

Stefan Graziadei is a PhD candidate at the Universities of Antwerp and Graz. Previously, he studied EU politics at the University of Padua, and interned in Brussels and Sarajevo. Stefan researches how constitutional courts in divided societies are selected and how they handle politically sensitive questions. He counsels courts to opt an integrative democratic tolerance approach, which he presents in greater detail in the upcoming edition of the  “European Constitutional Law Review” (3/2015).

RS Referendum - The Emperor has no clothes, but don’t blame it on the Court or Bosniaks

The influential British journalist Marcus Tanner argued that the Bosnian Constitutional Court should have never decided on such deeply controversial issue as the RS National Holiday: “It is hard to see what business judges have in ruling on whether people should celebrate January 9th, 10th, 11th, or any other day.  Marika Djolai joined Tanner, on the lines of this blog, in blaming...

The RS Referendum in Judges’ Hands

Schach Matt to Dayton. An attempt to destabilize Bosnia. A political adventure with an unknown outcome. These thoughts sum up what the West and the RS opposition think of Dodik’s initiative to call a referendum on the powers of the High Representative and the BiH Court. 

While the confrontation between Dodik (...