Dejan Anastasijević

Dejan Anastasijević

Dejan Anastasijevic is an award-winning investigative journalist from Serbia. He currently lives and works in Brussels, writing for the Serbian weekly Vreme, the American Time Magazine and several other European and American newspapers. 

Croatia veto on Serbia's EU talks causes surprise

At a meeting in the EU Council on April 7, the Croatian delegate refused to endorse the European Commission’s opinion that Serbia is ready to open talks on Chapter 23 of the accession book, which deals with judiciary and human rights.

According to the EU’s “fundamentals first” enlargement strategy, this is one of the “superchapters” that is crucial to the whole process. Serbia had hoped it would be opened by June, paving the way for other chapters. This is now likely to be delayed. 

Alone among the 28 member states, Croatia cited doubts on Serbia’s...