Dejan Jović

Dejan Jović

Dejan Jovic is Professor of International Relations at University of Zagreb. He received his PhD at London School of Economics. In 2000-2010 he taught at University of Stirling, Scotland UK. He is the author of "Yugoslavia: A State that withered away" and editor of "Slobodan Milosevic: The Rise to Power" and "Theories of International Relations: Realism".

First „return to Europe“, then to the 1990s

Almost two years after it joined the European Union, Croatia is still in a rather deep economic crisis, which has resulted in high unemployment and continued decrease of the country’s GDP. Although there are some signs of recovery, it will take time before the first positive trends are felt by the general population. At the same time, however, there are no benefits of EU membership that could be easily recognised by the general population. Not many expected a miracle and thus few are disappointed. However, one would expect in these circumstances for political life in the country to be...

Ukrainian crisis and EU enlargement in Western Balkans

The Ukrainian crisis will have significant consequences for the future of the European periphery, which is now increasingly becoming an arena for competing powers. The game started with EU and Russia, but it quickly involved the United States too. In its foreign policy, Russia seems to be unimpressed with the EU, but not with the US. Whether with or without the involvement of EU, the future structure of the international system in the outskirts of Europe is likely to become bipolar, with significant elements of multipolarism. The European core – including the territory of current EU – is...