Lura Pollozhani

Lura Pollozhani

Lura Pollozhani works as a University Assistant at the Centre for Southeast European Studies (CSEES). Lura has previously worked at the Secretariat for European Affairs in the Republic of Macedonia and for the European Centre for Minority Rights (ECMI) Kosovo. Lura completed her Msc at LSE on European Studies: Ideas and Identities with a focus on Macedonia and EU Conflict Management.

Macedonia: escape from the abyss or sinking even deeper?

The “most important” elections

On the 11th of December, the citizens of Macedonia will vote in yet another early election. Early elections have become the norm since 2006, when the last regular parliamentary elections were held. Many political and public personalities have described the current election cycle as Macedonia’s “most important” elections since its independence.  This election owes its importance to a two-year-long political crisis resulting from the revelation of a wire-tapping scandal by the main opposition party, SDSM. The scandalous content of the...

Could the political crisis be an opportunity to overcome ethnic divisions in Macedonia?

Ethnic politics is central in Macedonia. Examples from the first multi-ethnic government in 1992, the interethnic protests in 1997/98, the near-civil-war in 2001, the outburst of more or less violent ethnic protests and security incidents between 2004 to 2016, including a weekend war in Kumanovo in 2015, show the importance of good interethnic relations for...