Richard S.A. Newell

Richard S.A. Newell

Richard S. A. Newell is an MA candidate at Uni Graz's CSEES, living in SJV. Currently writing/researching on the role of memory and memorialisation in genocide prevention, as well as nationalism, anti-Semitism, conflict prevention and peace education. Learned much of what he knows through previous work for UK based gen-prev NGO Aegis Trust. 

Trump, Putin, Europe and the Balkans: what happens next?

Sitting in the ‘Palata predsjednika Republike Srpske’, looking out across the autumnal vista in the adjacent park, Milorad Dodik is no doubt a happy man. As the last votes from Florida came in and one by one the swing states fell to president elect Donald Trump, Dodik’s (once unlikely) plan to split Bosnia in half and declare an independent Republic of Srpska just got a shot of epinephrine.


Brexit and the Balkans

Since the dissolution of Yugoslavia, political and economic relations between the UK and the western Balkan countries have been framed by, and harmonised with the EU’s Common Foreign and Security Policy and its Common Security and Defence Policy. This might be about to change.

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On the 23rd of June, UK voters will head to the polls, deciding on whether or not to remain in the...