"Just Do It" ... ?

When it comes to the western Balkans and European integration, certain metaphors come in and out fashion. It used to be said that Balkan countries were like cyclists; they had to keep moving forward, otherwise if they stopped, they would fall off. This went out of fashion when it was realised that actually, if a country stopped, it did not just halt, it went backwards, and you cannot cycle backwards.

You can’t really sail backwards either, but never mind. After bikes, came yachts, as in the Regatta Principle. Now this is going out of fashion too. Maybe this is because, when...

Thorny Path to the EU Membership

Integrating the countries of the Western Balkans into the European Union (EU) has become the priority of the European Enlargement policy. The EU’s commitment towards a European future for these states has been maintained since the Thessaloniki summit in 2003. This particular milestone paved the way for an EU accession, and granted all Western Balkans countries the possibility of gaining potential candidate status.

The accession of Croatia last year showed that the EU kept its promise to integrate the Southeast European countries, even in difficult economic and...