Milan Nič

Milan Nič

Milan Nič is an Executive Director at the Central European Policy Institute, a regional think tank based in Bratislava. He studied at the SAIS Johns Hopkins University Bologna Center, the Central European University and the Charles University in Prague. He started his professional carrier as journalist at the Radio Free Europe/Radio Liberty. Between 2007 – 2012, he worked as advisor to the High Representative/EU Special Representative in Sarajevo, analyst for the European Stability Initiative in Vienna, and advisor to the State Secretary at the Slovak Foreign Ministry.

Kosovo’s SAA: sign of change in relations with EU non-recognizers?

Disagreements over Kosovo used to be among the most flagrant examples of how difficult it is to operate a common EU foreign policy.  Consequently, does Kosovo signing the Stabilisation and Association Agreement (SAA) with the EU on 27 October in Strasbourg signal some shift in the respective positions of the five EU members that do not recognize this country's independence? Or does it merely illustrate the fact that Brussels has found a way to go around them?

This blog post looks at the case of Slovakia which, along with Greece, has been the most flexible of...

Why Montenegro has decided to stand up to Russia

Two years ago, the former US Secretary of State, Hillary Clinton, saved the day (and helped to resolve an inconclusive discussion at the Chicago summit on this subject) by making a public pledge that the next NATO summit will be about enlargement.  In the meantime, NATO’s open-door policy had slipped down the priority list, and the Ukrainian crisis sparked a fundamental rethinking of European security considerations.

Currently, there is only one real candidate for membership at the September 2014 summit in Wales – Montenegro. As for the other Balkan aspirants,...