Nikolaos Tzifakis

Nikolaos Tzifakis

Nikolaos Tzifakis is Assistant Professor of International Relations at the University of the Peloponnese and Research Associate of the Martens Centre for European Studies. He has research interests in IR theory, EU external policies and the Balkans. His publications include articles in Cambridge Review of International Affairs, Ethnopolitics, European Foreign Affairs Review, Global Society, International Journal and Problems of Post-Communism.

Deciphering the Greek Election Results: A Few Preliminary Thoughts

The verdict of the Greek people in the national elections of 25 January 2015 was loud and clear. The Coalition of the Radical Left (Syriza) prevailed, winning 36.3% of votes against 27.8% of New Democracy (ND), the main centre-right party. The Greek voters unequivocally expressed their exhaustion, despair and resent caused by a five-year-long period of recession and austerity policies.

The far-right party of Golden Dawn (XA) got 6.3% of votes despite a series of revelations concerning its criminal activities and the imprisonment of almost its entire political...

How to Reinvigorate the EU Enlargement of the Western Balkans?In search of Scenario E

The EU enlargement policy towards the Western Balkans is increasingly losing its relevance. Some of the local leaderships have entirely abandoned the reform process (notably, in Bosnia and Herzegovina and the Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia), while an overwhelming majority of the EU members have turned their attention towards other questions. The European societies are growing more and more unenthusiastic about any new rounds of enlargement, and some skeptics have even alluded to the idea of scrapping the DG Enlargement altogether in the next European Commission.