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The Globalising Southeast Europe Research Blog aims to facilitate discussion on research experiences from Southeast Europe. We welcome contributions on a wide range of issues and categories, including notes from archives, methodological challenges, experiences in the field and broader reflections on conducting research on the region from an interdisciplinary background.

The Blog is an open platform for researchers at all levels and disciplines. While it primarily provides for researchers at the Centre for Southeast European Studies and the University of Graz, we are open to contributions and proposals from researchers elsewhere.

If you would like to submit a post to the Blog:

  • Please first email a short proposal (max. 200 words) and bio to Gabrielle Angey:
  • Once your proposal is accepted, submit a draft text between 500 to 1000 words in Word Format.

Writing style:

  • In the interest of reaching a wide audience and promoting discussion among disciplines, we prefer posts written in an accessible language, without excessive academic jargon and acronyms.
  • Use short paragraphs made up of four or five sentences.
  • Minimise use of bold, underlining, and italics for emphasis.
  • Please try to provide English language proof read contributions.


  • Whenever possible, please use hyperlinks in referring to online reports, news articles or other blog posts.
  • If you cite an academic work (ex: Öktem 2011) provide the full citation at the end of your text (Kerem Öktem, Angry Nation: Turkey Since 1989, London: Zed, 2011).


  • Please send us up to three sentences narrative biographical note, with your academic position, research interests, and details of your two most recent publications (if applicable).