Das Zentrum für Südosteuropastudien der Karl-Franzens-Universität ist eine interdisziplinäre Einrichtung zur Lehre und Forschung Südosteuropas. Neben einem umfassenden Lehrangebot und Forschungsprojekten organisiert das Zentrum auch regelmäßige Veranstaltungen, die sich an ein wissenschaftliches Publikum und die breitere Öffentlichkeit richten und den neusten Stand der Forschung zu Südosteuropa vermitteln.


Films and Societies in Southeastern Europe

The special issue of Contemporary Southeastern Europe, titled Films and Societies in Southeastern Europe has been published. This issue edited by Armina Galijas and Hrvoje Paic is a collection of six research articles and one research essay that explore multiple current and historical relations between film productions and societal developments in Southeastern Europe.

CfA: Visting Fellowship, Centre for Southeast European Studies, University of Graz

The Centre for Southeast European Studies of the University of Graz is currently accepting applications for Visiting Fellows for the academic year 2018-9. The Centre provides research facilities for fellows, including a working place, access to the library and full participation in the activities of the centre for a period of one semester (4 months,either October-January or March-June). Visiting Fellows will receive a small budget to organise a public event or lecture.

CfP: ASN European Conference: Nationalism in Times of Uncertainty, 4-6 July 2018, University of Graz, Austria

The University of Graz, in cooperation with the Association for the Study of Nationalities (ASN) and the Südosteuropa Gesellschaft, is pleased to announce the joint conference, "Nationalism in Times of Uncertainty" which will be held from 4 to 6 July, 2018 in Graz, Austria. The conference will be organized by the Centre for Southeast European Studies of the University of Graz


Be(com)ing “German” – Nazi Youth Organizations in occupied Slovenia (1941-1945)

17 Apr 2018 - 13:00
SR 15:33, RESOWI

Introducing the PhD project on Nazi youth organizations in Austria and Slovenia (http://artes.phil-fak.unikoeln.
de/35221.html), this talk focuses on the development of Hitler Youth-like structures, units and activities in

Success to Decay - Design, Culture and Economy in Socialist Self-Management

18 Apr 2018 - 13:00 bis 15:00
Schubertstr. 51, 1. Stock, HS 31.11

The lecture deals with the emergence of design, as a concept and practice, in the specific context of socialist Croatia, and its development from mid-20th century onward.

Sustainable Natural and Social Environment

25 Apr 2018 - 13:00 bis 15:00
Schubertstr. 51, 1. Stock, HS 31.11

Lecture challenges common approach to sustainability as given in natural environment only. An issue of sustainable social environment is offered by way of analysis in social criticism and conceptual thinking within the field of design theory and design practice as linked opposite.