Governing through Intervention: Subjectivity and resistance in agricultural government in Serbia

brownbag seminar
SR 15.33, RESOWI, B
Dienstag, 21 November, 2017 - 13:00

This PhD project is concerned with contributing to a better understanding of non-military international interventions and unpacking processes usually labelled as development or democracy promotion. To do so, the project is framed around the process of subject formation – a process investigated in literature now known as governmentality studies. But instead of treating global governmentality as an omnipotent force moulding neoliberal subjects around the globe, the project starts from an effort to recover the multiplicity of local subjecthoods, and unearth the various forms of power implicated in their making. It uses processes of subjectivation to interrogate broader changes in governing post-socialist Europe. Taking changes in Serbian agricultural policy as a particular field of government poses a series of questions: Where do the governmental technologies come from and where their rationales lie? Are they specific to local contexts or they are imposed by a spread of what some might call global governmentality? What happens in the friction between externally devised policies and their application on the ground? And, perhaps most pressingly, how are we to theorize the connections between multiple levels of governance, between international programs like EU accession, national and local initiatives, and individuals’ self-understandings?