Balkan Academic News - 18 September 2017

1. New Book: Party Responses to the EU in the Western Balkans:
Transformation, Opposition or Defiance? (Stojic)
2. New Book: State-building in post- independence Kosovo: Policy
Challenges and Societal Considerations (Armakolas, Demjaha,
Elbasani, Schwandner-Sievers, Skendaj, Tzifakis)
3. Event: 8th Edition of BBB Short Film Festival, Brussels,
Belgium, 13-15 October 2017


From: maxmarkos

Balkan Academic News- 24 April 2017

Today's Topics:

1. CfP: Conference on 'Social movements in Kosovo in socialism
and 1990s', Prishtina, Kosovo, 6-8 October 2017
2. Event: Conference on 'Ambivalent Legacies: Memory and Amnesia
in Post-Habsburg and Post-Ottoman Cities',Göttingen, Germany,
26-28 April, 2017
3. CfA: Guest professor at the Institute for Slavic Studies,
University of Vienna (Gastprofessor/in für
bosnische/kroatische/serbische Literatur- und Kulturwissenschaft)

Balkan Academic News- 21 March 2017

Today's Topics:

1. CfA: PhD Studentship: Bridging 'Post-Brexit' Societal
Divisions/ Learning from Civil Society Initiatives in the Case
of Bosnia & Herzegovina or Kosovo, Bournemouth University, UK
2. CfA: Fully-funded PhD studentships in Citizenship, Civil
Society and Rule of Law, University of Aberdeen, UK
3. CfP: CKPIS Doctoral workshop on 'A New Man for the Socialist
Society', Pula, Croatia, 30 August- 2 September 2017

Balkan Academic News - 10 March 2017

Today's Topics:

1. CfP: Polis Journal
2. CfA: Summer School in Peace and Conflict Studies, University
of Cyprus, 10-21 July 2017
3. New Book: Indifference, Opposition, Identity: Changes in the
political relationship between the village and state in Kosovo


From: Lutjona Lula

Dear BAN Subscribers,

European Enlargement and the Invention of Balkan Islam: Colonial Pasts, Islamophobic Presents

18 Mär 2016 - 12:00 bis 13:00
Centre for Southeast European Studies, Meeting Room, Schubertstraße 21, 1st Floor

This project explores the Muslim experience in Eastern Europe beyond the binary divisions of Europe/Islam and spatiotemporal configurations of Europe/Middle East that conceptualize Muslims in Eastern Europe outside the histories of the Middle East.

The Problem of Local Ownership of Security Sector Reform: The Case of Kosovo

17 Mär 2016 - 17:30 bis 19:00
RESOWI, LS 15.02, C/EG

Successful outcomes in SSR (security sector reform) implementation are often conditioned on two key inter-related operational principles: international agencies’ understanding of the ‘local context’ where they intervene and their encouragement of the country ‘ownership’ of the institutional refor

The goal is to compete: Kosovo's sport diplomacy as a tool towards international recognition

27 Okt 2015 - 13:00 bis 14:00
SR 15.33, RESOWI, Universitätsstraße 15, B3

In December 2014, Kosovo was granted full membership by the International Olympic Committee. For the young state, which had declared its independence only in 2008, this decision meant that it could take part in the upcoming 2016 Summer Olympic Games in Rio de Janeiro.