"Building Back Better": The Production of Environmental Risk Knowledge in Serbia

11 Jan 2018 - 10:00 bis 12:00
LS 15.02, Resowi

This project explores how current modes of environmental risk expertise production in Serbia relate to the formation of understandings of environmental risk in Socialist Federal Republic of Yugo-slavia (SFRY).

Balkan Academic News- 5 May 2017

Today's Topics:

1. CfP: Conference 'Alternative food supply networks in Central
and Eastern Europe: Towards new grounds for interpretation and
collaboration', Riga, Latvia, 13-14 October 2017
2. CfP: Journal of Liberty and International Affairs, Summer
3. CfA: University preparatory program for refugees at CEU,
Budapest, Hungary
4. CfA: M.A. Honors Program "East European Studies",

Balkan Academic News- 24 January 2017

Today's Topics:

1. CfP: Conference on Ethnic and Religious Conflict Resolution
and Peacebuilding, New York, USA, 31 October-2 November, 2017
2. TOC: Journal of Liberty and International Affairs, Vol. 2,
No. 3, 2017
3. Event: Unsettled Europe: refugees, states and politics in
Southeast Europe, CSEES, Graz, Austria, 27-29 January 2017


Balkan Academic News- 28 December 2016

Today's Topics:

1. CfP: Journal of Social Policy,'Child Wellbeing and Child
2. CfP: Qualitative Research in Organizations and Management
Special Issue on 'Organizational Practices of Social Movements
and Popular Struggles: Understanding the Power of Organizing From
3. CfA: Youth Forum 'Refugees and Migrants in the New Media in
South-East Europe and Central Europe', Skopje, Macedonia, 30
March- 1 April 2017

Balkan Academic News- 15 December 2016

Today's Topics:

1. CfP: Workshop on Economic History, Growth and Development in
Central and Eastern Europe, University of Bucharest, Romania,
19-20 May 2017
2. CfP: Refugee protection and the European civil society,
Budapest, Hungary, May 2017
3. CfP: Rethinking Agency Beyond, or in Spite of, the State,
EISA, Barcelona, Spain, 13-16 September 2017
4. CfP: Corruption in Eastern/Southeastern Europe and Latin
America: Comparative Perspectives, Regensburg, Germany, 29 June-1
July, 2017