Centre for Southeast European History

The Centre for Southeast European History at the Karl-Franzens University of Graz is Austria's only scientific institution with a teaching and research focus on the history of Southeastern Europe. This specialization is significant for two reasons:

Firstly, due to its geographic position the Karl-Franzens University has not only been important for Southeastern Europe in the past but continues to play a crucial role in the region. This was one of the motives that led to the establishment of a chair for Southeastern European History in 1970 next to the Graz Institute of Slavic Studies, which has a strong tradition in Balkan studies. Our university's special emphasis means that we are also concerned with tasks beyond pure scientific work: making contacts, building networks, organizing grants for students from Southeast Europe, designing and supporting research projects.

Secondly, the Southeast is central to the identity of the City of Graz. Graz likes to be known as a business hub linking Austria and Southeast Europe, and the city is also the site of an international fair oriented towards the region.