Joint Degree Master's in the History of South-Eastern Europe

The Joint Degree Programme in History of South-Eastern Europe is a full time programme which is completed over 2 years with a total of 120 ECTS credits. The programme offers specialized academic training concentrating on the history and historical anthropology of South-Eastern Europe in the context of European Integration. The universities in the consortium work together to provide an international curriculum with regional aspects, and to ensure its academic quality.

Students are not only provided with professional education and training, but special attention is paid to mobility which contributes to broaden ones horizon and also deepens intercultural understanding. In addition, the programmes international dimension enhances the graduates competitiveness on the job market.

After successful completion of the programme, students will be awarded a jointly conferred Master's degree automatically recognized in the countries of all consortium partners.

The target group are graduates with the equivalent of a Bachelor's or Diploma degree in humanities (180 ECTS). Graduates from different fields of studies can be admitted if the completed programme is judged to be equivalent in the regular admission procedure of the university for which the student applies.