Balkan Academic News- 23 November 2017

Today's Topics:

1. CfA: Paid Fellowship Opportunity for EU Postdoctoral
Scholars, Harvard University, USA
2. CfA: Research Associate Program - Five College Women's
Studies Research Center, Massachusetts, USA
3. CfP: History Searches Issue on Centenary of the Dissolution
of the Habsburg Empire


From: Minda de Gunzburg Center for European Studies

Balkan Academic News- 26 October 2017

Today's Topics:

1. CfA: PHD Studentships in Communication, Media and Culture at
Loughborough University, UK
2. New Book: A History of Montenegro (Sistek)


From: Sabina Mihelj

Dear BAN members,

Please can you pass this opportunity on to your talented final year undergraduate and MA students?

History in the Court of Law: Legal Rehabilitation as a Mirror and an Instrument of Politics of Memory in Croatia and Serbia

16 Jan 2018 - 13:00
Resowi-Zentrum, SR 15.48, Bauteil D, 4.OG

This research project examines the intertwinement of history, memory, and law in the wider context of politics of memory on the Second World War and socialist Yugoslavia in contemporary Serbia and Croatia.

Balkan Academic News- 26 July 2017

Today's Topics:

1. CfA: International Youth Camp on Dealing with the Past and
Holocaust Histories in Bitola, Macedonia, 10-19 September, 2017
2. CfA: Youth Encyclopedia of (Anti)discrimination with focus on
discrimination of LBGTI persons


From: Daniel Bernhardt forumZFD

*** Call for Applications for International Youth Camp on Dealing with the Past and Holocaust Histories in Bitola, Sept. 10-19, 2017***

Balkan Academic News - 5 July 2017

Today's Topics:

1. CfP: Conference 'Memory and Space.' Senate House, London, UK,
30 November 2017
2. CfP: Conference 'Image, History, Memory, ' Warsaw, Poland,
6-8 December 2017
3. New Link: Democratization Policy Council Publications
4. CfA: John D. Bell BSA Book Prize




Balkan Academic News - 21 June 2017

Today's Topics:

1. New Link: Balkania (7/2016) Monograph on Macedonia
2. CfP: BASEES Annual Conference, Fitzwilliam College,
Cambridge, UK, 13-15 April 2017


From: miguel rodríguez [mailto:miguel_roan@yahoo.es]

Dear BAN members,

I am very pleased to inform that a new issue of the Balkania (7/2016) has finally come out, fostered by Casa Mediterráneo.

Balkan Academic News - 14 June 2017

Today's Topics:

1. Job: 2 Senior Research Associates, ECMI, Flensburg, Germany
2. CfP: Conference 'Migration in Macedonia: history, demography,
and inter-ethnic relations, ' MNT, Skopje, Macedonia 16-17
October 2017
3. CfP: Workshop ' Islands of Memory, ' Hvar, Croatia, 1
September 2017
4. Job: University Assistant without Doctorate, CSEES, Austria


From: Tamari Bulia

Balkans Academic News- 27 April 2017

Today's Topics:

1. CfA: Summer School on 'History Takes Place- Dynamics of Urban
Change', Belgrade and Sarajevo, 4- 15 September 2017
2. CfA: Interdisciplinary Joint Master's Programme in Southeast
European Studies, University of Graz and University of Belgrade
3. CfA: Four Junior Research Fellowships 2017-18, University
College London, UK


From: Franziska Singer

balkan Academic News - 10 February 2017

Today's Topics:

1. CfP: Slavia Meridionalis issue on "The Problems of Balkan
2. CfP: History of Communism in Europe no.8/2017 on 'The Other
Half of Communism: Women's Outlook'
3. CfP: Knowledge Exchange. Europe and the Black Sea Region, ca.
1750 - 1850, SEEHA, University of Graz, Austria, 29-30 September


From: Irena Sawicka

"Slavia Meridionalis"
Call for papers