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Balkan Academic News- 26 April 2017

Today's Topics:

1. CfP: SEEC Special issue on 'Popular Music and the Moving
Image in Eastern Europe'
2. CfP: Conference 'Between Apathy and Nostalgia: Public and
Private Recollections of Communism in Contemporary Albania',
Tirana, Albania, 17-18 November 2017
3. Event: Conference 'Into the Unknown. Visions and Utopias in
the Danube-Carpathian Region in 1917 and Beyond', Ljubljana,
Slovenia, 10-12 May 2017


CfP: The Eurovision Song Contest at 60: Gender and Geopolitics in Contemporary Europe (Special issue of Contemporary Southeastern Europe)

In the last two decades or so, issues of gender at Eurovision have become increasingly visible. Often these have related to the (stated or perceived) sexuality, gender identity or gender expression of performers, but also to a broader notion the contest is an affirmation of camp and queer, which certain host cities and broadcasters have even integrated into the hosting of the event (for instance in Sweden and Denmark).