"Building Back Better": The Production of Environmental Risk Knowledge in Serbia

11 Jan 2018 - 10:00 to 12:00
LS 15.02, Resowi

This project explores how current modes of environmental risk expertise production in Serbia relate to the formation of understandings of environmental risk in Socialist Federal Republic of Yugo-slavia (SFRY).

Balkan Academic News- 29 September 2017

Today's Topics:

1. CfP: Workshop 'Changing memoryscapes: Social (re)construction
of places of memory', 9-10 November 2017, Zagreb, Croatia
2. CfP: Conference 'Somebody Said Feminism? Feminist Theory in
Serbia Today, ' Belgrade, Serbia , 8-11 February 2018
3. CfA: The Botstiber Fellowship in Transatlantic Austrian and
Central European Relationships 2018/2019
4. CfA: Local and International Researchers on Countering
Violent Extremism and Radicalization Threats in Serbia, OSCE

History in the Court of Law: Legal Rehabilitation as a Mirror and an Instrument of Politics of Memory in Croatia and Serbia

16 Jan 2018 - 13:00
Resowi-Zentrum, SR 15.48, Bauteil D, 4.OG

This research project examines the intertwinement of history, memory, and law in the wider context of politics of memory on the Second World War and socialist Yugoslavia in contemporary Serbia and Croatia.

Balkan Academic News- 10 July 2017

Today's Topics:

1. CfA: Oral History Project 'InBetween'
2. New Link: Handbook of the History of Southeast Europe.
3. CfP: SEFEM 'Mapping Misogyny in Serbia in the 21st Century:
Discourses and Practices (Volume III)'


From: Ruta Valaityte

Dear colleagues,

After empires: Mapping the state-of-the-art in contemporary Vojvodina

20 May 2016 - 13:00 to 22 May 2016 - 10:00
Palić, Vojvodina

The workshop "After Empires: Mapping the State of Art in Contemporary Vojvodina" took place in Palić, Serbia and was organised jointly by the Center for Southeast European Studies (CSEES) of the University of Graz and Central European University (CEU).

What influence does the EU really have over Serbia and Macedonia’s foreign policy?

12 May 2015 - 13:00
RESOWI, SR 15.27, Universitätsstraße 15, Bauteil G, 2. OG

With the gradual consolidation of European foreign policy structures and the intensification of multi-level interactions in that area, Europeanisation has become a pregnant reality for non-EU Europe in general and Serbia and Macedonia in particular.